National Emergency Number Association ENP program

What can Certification do for me?

Certification is a tool of a professional association to establish the benchmarks of performance that will signify a broad-based competence in the professional field. By successfully completing this certification program, you will:

Goals of Certification

How Do I get Certified?

First the ENP candidate must meet the experience criteria.
Second the ENP candidate must have accumulated the necessary minimum points.

Then the ENP candidate must submit the Eligibility Application to NENA.
See the NENA ENP web site for the exact requirements.

Scholarships Scholarships Available!

Carolina Recording Systems has offered Scholarships to TENA!

To qualify for a Scholarship -
How to apply for a Scholarship?

Fill out the ENP Eligibility Application for ENP Certification form and testing center application for ENP (both from ENP Application Handbook) - leave payment information blank and please put your NENA membership number on the Application.
Attach the letter from your Board Chair or Director, the essay.
Fax or email the Application, Testing Center Application, letter and essay to TENA.

What happens next???
The ENP Committee will review and submit the applications that are selected to CRS. The ENP committee will notify those selected. CRS will send the application along with payment to NENA. You will be notified by NENA when to sit for the test.

Contact anyone on the ENP Committee for information on Study Groups.